segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

needy people RECEIVE USD 10.80 TO GO TO ACT IN FAVOUR of the current President of Brazil Dilma Roussef in São Paulo

Dozens of protesters have started to gather at the Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, on Friday, where there will be afternoon an organized act by unions and social movements

as CUT and MST in defense of democracy and maintenance of Dilma Rousseff as president.

Near the building of Casper Libero Foundation, people with a giant balloon in the hands of the CUT said they had received R $ 35 to participate in the demonstration.

This is the case of Edmilson Barbosa, unemployed, who saw the act of participation this sixth one "beak" to help in their income. Barbosa said a bus took the workers in the neighborhood of Brás and took them to the Paulista.

Among the people hired to hold balloons are immigrants who do not speak Portuguese. "

Source: Journal of Economic Value March 13, 2015.

president of Brazil drives poor people to defend his political partie


"The MST (Movimento dos Sem Terra - Landless Movement) receives millions of dollars every year of our money, but the Lula commander they heard orders to go to the streets."

"Last week, the movement, trained by the millions of reais received in public funds in Lula and Dilma governments, launched its National Day of Struggle."

"WELL PAID João Pedro Stedile, leader of the landless, went to Venezuela to preach violence in the neighboring country and match of their group attacks in Brazil."

"Since 2004, only forty cooperatives and settlements pocketed 300 million. Part of that money, as federal police investigation and control bodies, trailed yet unknown ways."

"Two weeks ago, when the discussion on the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Dilma won public ares, Lula warned that the government and the PT would use the landless soldiers."

"There are days Stédile spoke like a head of state in a ceremony in honor of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela killed in 2013. First, Stédile sent a hug" Lula companion "to supporters of the" commander mature ", referring the Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's successor in Venezuela and responsible for deepening the economic crisis and the repression of the opposition in the neighboring country. "

"Stédile is nothing but a leader of a mercenary force that still takes advantage of poverty and ignorance."

The Queromedefender Movement once again requires all competent Brazilian public authorities to urgently take legal measures to curb this bunch of troublemakers bandits who serves by the nickname of MST.

The higher the political awareness of the people, the less chance of being elected members of the PT, MST, CUT and other gangs!

Source: Veja Magazine, year 48, number 11, pages 54-57.


Protests and complaints against the government in Brazil


"Political Act is the largest recorded in the state capital after direct now."

"The Military Police said in a statement that the calculation of 1 million people in the act against Dilma Rousseff in São Paulo considered the extent of Paulista Avenue and other streets."

"Police Shock Battalion of Military Police of São Paulo State, used to being harassed protests were tietados by protesters on Avenida Paulista."

"In protest, mingled residents of prime areas and neighborhoods on the outskirts."

"Do Grajaú the Morumbi, Jardins the Ermelino Matarazzo, children, couples and grandparents transform São Paulo protest in heterogeneous act." "Politicians, even opposition are harassed and prevented from speaking."

There were no reports of fights, theft or any type of incident throughout the march. "The Federal Deputy Paulo Pereira da Silva (SD-SP), which attempts to gather 1 million signatures by the output Dilma, was one of them. When the sound of car speaker of his party announced his name, the crowd started booing him. Paulinho failed to make the speech he had rehearsed. "

During the talks the ministers hears cooking pots again throughout Brazil. Despite this wonderful democratic demonstration against corruption and impunity, hoisted flag for all movements of social networks without exception, President Dilma sent the Ministers of Justice and the General Secretariat of the Presidency José Eduardo Cardozo and Miguel Rossetto to talk. To prove once again how misguided, misinformed, false and incompetent is the government of President Dilma, the minister general secretary of the presidency said:

Source: Folha de S. Paulo, March 16, 2015, A4 pages A11. "The protests today are of critical sectors of the government, and certainly this participation seems to be voters who did not vote in President Dilma." We recommend the Bolivarian federal government of President Dilma read the newspapers to see that many voters the PT were present there and also fought against corruption, impunity, inflation, unemployment, increased electricity bill and taxes because they said betrayed and deceived.


The poster says: "we defend ourselves"